Power Quality Testing

There are a lot of terms to describe power quality issues. Voltage sags, distortion, ground noise, harmonic resonance, common mode noise, ground loops, transient voltages and non-linear loads are some of the terms used to define problems with power quality in modern distribution systems. These problems can be the result of incoming power from the electrical utility but more commonly are caused by the equipment and associated wiring distribution system within a facility.

Small power disruptions can have a large economic impact on any size business. Longer interruptions can have severe impacts. Commonly used electronic equipment such as variable frequency drives (VFD’s), electronic ballasts in lighting systems and switched mode power supplies in computers and printers can all add to disturbances in an electrical supply system.

TDN Electric can help with the assessment of power quality issues and provide the methods for correcting problems affecting distribution systems within your facility.

Lighting Design, Maintenance & Retrofit

Lighting is a crucial element for productivity in today’s work environment. Achieving effective lighting levels within the new 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards poses significant challenges in the area of lighting design. Maintaining an existing system for optimum performance or retrofitting an older system to meet the current energy standards can reduce lighting energy use by up to 50%.

TDN Electric is experienced in the installation of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities and works with lighting professionals to provide designs that meet or exceed the current Title 24 requirements.

Underground Distribution

Underground power distribution systems are an integral part of industrial and large campus build out and renovation projects. Whether the reasons are aesthetic, protection from the elements, or practicality of meeting design criteria, underground distribution systems require experience and teamwork to deliver a successful project. TDN Electric has experience with underground power systems ranging from 480V to 15kV. We partner with best general engineering firms in Santa Clara County to insure the safest, highest caliber installation of underground utilities.

Critical Power Systems – Institutional & Industrial

Electrical power is crucial to all business operations and in some instances becomes a critical element. Uninterruptible power systems (UPS), generators, and associated battery back-up systems are essential elements for Data Centers, Hospitals and Biotech facilities. TDN Electric is experienced in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of these complex systems and understands the import role these systems play in ongoing facility operations.